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“What else can I do for my “adopted” child?”

So glad you asked...
A-Always display your child sponsorship card
(be available, in case somebody asks you
how they can sponsor a child too!
D-Daily pray for your sponsored child (by name).
O-Organize your payments (monthly, bimonthly, annually, etc.). BLC's sponsors went in debt over $7,000 last year, (which has now been recouped) due to payments being “forgotten” by sponsors.
P-Pray weekly for email requests of BCA (when it comes). If you are not receiving these, please request them at
T-Today send a letter to your child (twice a year).



Filipino girl

"If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the Lord your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother.” -Deuteronomy 15:7

BLC'S Medical Fund is an answer to prayer
for many Philippinos:

STAFF NOTEBOOK: Richard, Guard

“The children love to come talk to me, but I manage to direct them where their classrooms are, as well as checking the ID of every person who comes into the school and I also today and each day distributed the time cards to the staff as they arrived and left. No losses or damage at my post today during my 10 hours of duty.”


Gift annuities provide fixed payments during your lifetime. The Orchard Foundation will help you in planning if you decide to give to Barner Christian Academy of Davao City, Inc. Please contact (or 1-888-689-6300).

Graph showing 2006 giving

Sources of Funding Total: $85,133
71% $60,585
CHURCHES 26% $21,703

 International BCA Sponsorships

The BCA (Barner Christian Academy of Davao City) International Kinderschool Sponsorship Program is an opportunity for Filipino children who otherwise might not be able to afford a quality Christian education to obtain schooling at no cost to their families through the "adoption" of their financial schooling obligations by international supporters. For support of those at ages 2 through 7, the fee is $30 (P1250) per month.

Your $30 covers the following: tuition, enrollment, books, registration, dental checkup, insurance, medical checkup, ID card/jacket, instructional materials, PTA & library & campus fees, school publications, graduation fee & gown, yearbook, field trips, lunches, transportation costs, boy/girl scout membership & uniforms, gym fee, and basic school supplies (notebooks, pencils, etc.)

Financial commitments are renewed each April.


"Jesus Brings Us Together" was the theme of our 1996 wedding, for God had called both Elvie and I from childhood to be future missionaries. Once married, we planted a church and then reached out to the community through the opening of a much-needed kinderschool. The church now averages 1,300 each Sunday, and the school teaches (through grade 6) over 500 children each day.

Paul M Barner Ministries, Inc (PMBMI) is a federally-recognized American Charitable Organization which we established, designed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through planting and strengthening churches across the globe.


Christian Aid Mission
P.O. Box 9037
Charlottesville, VA 22906

Please indicate that the donation is for the Barner Christian Academy of Davao City, 801-BLC. Thank you!

Visit our Donations page for more information.

Field Address:
Rev. Paul, Elvie, PJ & Abigail Barner
Barner Christian Academy of Davao City
PO Box 82,224, Davao City 8000

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